I will always remember meeting with creator’s Ins Choi, Kevin White and Canadian television legend Ivan Fecan in the back of a Korean restaurant on Bloor street walking them through various concepts for the opening of this classic Canadian TV show. We shot this opening together with the cast around Toronto and it was truly a great collaborative experience. I edited the opening and (as seen in the styleframes below) tried to push for as much color as possible since the comedy was bright, fresh and diverse. In the end, we met somewhere in the middle but below is my preferred opening with a jazzier title card animation and more pops of colorful shapes.

Producer: Pete Soltesz
Editor: Ian Flaig
Motion Designers: Ian Flaig, Josephine Guan
VFX, Compositing, and Animation: Julian van Mil

Created while at Feather

Early Explorations

Toronto, Ontario, Canada