When the pandemy hit and the world shut down, the LGBTQ+ community didn’t want to stop partying. Zoom became the virtual club that kept the dancing and social spaces alive each week. I had the pleasure of working with Writer/Director Angie Bird on creating the title sequence for the film and the various motion graphics placed throughout. I leaned heavily into the throwback Y2K vibe inspired by a lot of the music artists involved. It was a jumble of 90s computer nostalgia covered in chrome and pink plastic. I threw on headphones and jammed out to Charlie XCX, Hannah Diamond, A.G Cook while designing and animating. It was a blast to work on and made it hard to stay in my seat.

The short film picked up a vimeo staff pick and was featured in Paper Magazine. Congrats to everyone involved!

Writer/Director: Angie Bird
Producer: Michelle Woodward
Editor: Izzy Ehrlich
Assistant Editor: Taylor McWade
Exec. Producer: Yumi Suyama
Motion Designers: Ian Flaig, Rob Fisher, Ed Deng
VFX Assistant: Victoria Gaston
Producer: Spencer Butt
Club Q Founders: Mingus New, Brad Allen, Ceréna Sierra, Casey MQ
Created while at alter ego

Toronto, Ontario, Canada